Liberal fascists are not remotely like the Tea Party

Washington Post:
A new, liberal tea party is forming. Can it last without turning against Democrats?

Democrats are trying to fuse the energy of the activists who have rallied in reaction to Donald Trump’s young presidency into the liberal firmament. And although it’s too soon to tell which direction this new movement will take, there are similarities to the early days of the conservative tea party — including the threat of it turning on those who try to ride it to power.
The Tea Party's issue was mostly about the dishonesty of the Democrats in their creation of Obamacare, as well as out of control spending.  It was a peaceful movement of people who cleaned up after themselves when they had massive rallies.

The Democrats have a militant strain that is the equivalent of the fascists Brownshirt movement in Germany that is trying to intimidate and cause havoc.  It openly says it wants to make the US ungovernable.  It is hostile to even allowing opposing points of view to speak.

This brand of liberal fascism is the opposite of the Tea Party.  It apparently is being underwritten by people hostile to the current US government.


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