There are no good choices in the German election

David Goldman:
A deplorable vote for Angela Merkel

Deplorably, I would vote for Angela Merkel, and urge my American friends to support the present Christian Democratic-Social Democratic coalition rather than the alternative: a “Red-Red-Green” coalition (Social Democrats plus the successor to the old East German Communist Party plus the Green Party. If Merkel loses Germany will be ruled by Russian stooges. That’s the opposite of what some of Donald Trump’s closest supporters think. Most of them agree with British gadfly Nigel Farage, who told Germany’s national radio yesterday:

Well, I wouldn't vote for Angela Merkel, that's the first piece of advice I'd give. I mean, look at the catastrophic errors she made: opening up the doors to so-called refugees, it turned out that 70 percent of them were young males, economic migrants. And because she's given up border controls, the most wanted man in Europe if not the world is able to catch a train to France, and then to Italy, without anyone checking who he is.

Farage is right, but he’s wrong....
Goldman sees the contest as between two groups who are bad for different reasons.  Many in the US saw the race as between two bad candidates, but between the two voters determined that Clinton was the worst choice.  In Germany, the “Red-Red-Green” coalition looks like an even worse choice than Merkel and her failed refugee policy.  That is too bad for the Germans who deserve a better choice.  They did not deserve to have their culture ruined by radical Islamists looking for a handout.


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