Democrats opt for political suicide

NY Times:

Bowing to Base, Democrats Opt for All-Out War With Trump

  • After the election, a weakened Democratic Party debated whether to confront President Trump or try to coax him to the center with offers of compromise.
  • Now, spurred by an incensed army of liberals, Democrats have all but cast aside any notion of conciliation with the White House
This looks like a windfall for the GOP.  Democrats are going to try to appease a tiny group of the radical left, leaving the middle and conservatives for Republicans.  They got their brief majority by moving to the center and then promptly lost it by following Obama over a cliff with Obamacare and other liberal schemes.

The primary reason the Democrats are a minority party is Obamacare and they are still bitterly clinging to it and send kooks out to harass GOP town hall meetings.  Is Soros a secret Republican for funding this nonsense?


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