Trump's substantive acts overlooked because of media battle?

Jay Caruso:
However, the media is busy engaging in a battle they likely will not win if they continue to make it about themselves. Trump has a core of supporters who will follow his lead no matter where it goes. If he determines tomorrow The Wall Street Journal is “fake news,” they’re going to agree and start saying it. If Trump is left alone to grouse about the media, he loses out.

Two days ago, Donald Trump signed an executive order rolling back a last-minute Obama coal mining regulation. He did with coal miners by his side along with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Optically, this was a terrific win for Trump. The problem is, hardly anybody noticed it because he was too busy screaming at the press and the press screamed back.
I suspect that the news with the coal miners broke through in coal country.  It is another promise kept for them.  Where it might have been missed is with the anti-energy left which is probably paying more attention to the noise from the media about itself.  The fight with the media appears to have knocked some on the left off message.


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