Except when they need help with their crumbling infrastructure?

Washington Post:
‘California is a nation, not a state’: This movement wants a break from the U.S.

Bolstered by the election of President Trump, the group Yes California is seeking the 585,407 signatures necessary to place a secessionist question on the 2018 ballot. Its goal is to have California become its own country, separate and apart from the United States.
Liberalism has not only made the state weird, it has made it delusional.

California's governor has gone from saying he will resist Trump, to begging for help in dealing with a failing spillway on a big dam that California failed to take care of for decades.  The state's infrastructure is crumbling in several areas because it has wasted money on healthcare for illegal aliens and other liberal spending binges.  It spends more than it can afford on government employees and their pension funds.


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