Sanctuary cities feeling the political heat

NY Times:

Trump’s Attacks on ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Put Police in a Bind

Local law enforcement officials are facing increasing legal and political risks as Mr. Trump ratchets up the pressure to force them to work more closely with federal immigration authorities.
There is no substantive evidence that refusal to turn illegal aliens over to ICE makes a city safer, and there is evidence that it makes a city less safe when murderers and rapist are turned loose rather than turned over for deportation.

Recent polling has shown that 80 percent in the US oppose sanctuary cities.  In Texas and some other states, those communities will lose state funding.  There is also consideration being given to criminal penalties against law enforcement that refuses to cooperate with ICE.

Some have even suggested that officials who refuse to honor an ICE detainer could be charged as an accessory if the illegal alien felon commits another crime.  San Francisco and New York officials could also be in trouble if the federal law is changed.  With the opposition so strong to the concept it would hard for vulnerable Democrats to vote against the measure.


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