Mexico's feeling hurt by US rejection of their export of people

Washington Post:
Trump’s jabs at Mexico are stirring nationalism south of the border, too

When Mexicans hear the U.S. president boasting that he will make Mexico pay for the wall — and the wild cheering in response — they recognize an unmistakable attempt to humiliate them. It is American nationalism at Mexico’s expense, and it stings in a deep way.
Mexico has been largely a failed state for years before Trump came along.  It has been exporting its people to the US because it has failed to grow its own economy to feed them.  It is not reacting well to the potential loss of the export of people that send money back to those who remain in Mexico.

The US problem is bigger than that with Mexico though.  The Mexicans have been facilitating the immigration from other countries into the US in a cross border invasion that is costing the US billions in taking care of these barely literate exports. You can tell how much it costs by their visceral reaction to the possibility that the US may send these immigrants from other countries back to Mexico.

The problem is not nationalism on either side of the border so much as it is an economic problem created by Mexico's poor management of its own economy and its attempt to transfer that problem to the US.


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