Who is doing the leaking of intelligence operations

Doth John Brennan Protest Too Much About The Leaking Of Classified Information In This Interview?

... Most of the articles that have contained classified material have been attributed to “former officials.” That, right there, tells you Representative Nunes is right. This stuff is being put out by Obama staff who were just leaving and still had contacts in the various agencies or by Obama staffers who had been held over for a short time, for instance, the Obama political appointee who claimed he was career CIA and couldn’t stomach working for the Trump administration. And we know Ben Rhodes boasted of forming a resistance. We know The Atlantic has covered this campaign of leaks.
... We know for a fact that Brennan is shading the truth here because he used his former deputy chief of staff to release a press statement blasting Trump over his speech at CIA headquarters. So even though he hasn’t personally talked to the press since January 21, if we believe him and there is really no reason to do so, we can be assured he has been playing with the press via cut outs.

Moreover, his denial is pointedly focused on “since leaving.” The biggest leaks that anyone is talking about are the leak of a CIA authored report claiming that the Russians intervened in the election to help Trump and the leak of Mike Flynn’s contacts with the Russian ambassador. All of those happened before January 20.
There is much more, including a video of an interview with Brennan.

I think his denials do look a little too clever.  He is also a suspect in the leak to CNN of the meeting with Trump which discussed the dirty dossier.


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