Democrats continue to alienate the working class voters

Daily Caller:
The Great Exacerbation: Trump’s Pipeline Politics Will Cripple the Democratic Party

The Democrats cannot compete nationally without workers’ votes. And yet, Democrats have been squeezing workers out of their coalition. This is because the political demand of the working class for more jobs and higher wages has been ignored by a political party increasingly defined by identity politics and environmentalism.
The Democratic Party’s reliably reflexive outrage at everything Trump says, does, and stands for compels its members to take very public, very visible stances. Because identity politics and environmentalism sacrifice workers’ immediate and very concrete economic interests to the most en vogue abstractions of the day’s progressivism, Trump repeatedly and deliberately baits Democrats on progressive issues, compelling Democrats to stake out public positions that are tacit gut-punches to workers. Trump’s real coup is that Democrats take themselves to be righteously “resisting” Trump and fighting for progressive glory, when in political reality they’re fortifying the political alienation of their own working class constituents.
There is much more.

If this is what Bannon has been advising Trump to do it is genius.   Democrats are choosing moral preening over the environment over their own votes.  It si going to be hard for them to hold on to workers and union bosses when they are so eager to sacrifice their jobs in exchange for trying to persuade the rest of the world to engage in job-killing environmental activism.


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