Democrats double down on identity politics in chairman's race

NY Times:

Democrats Elect Ex-Labor Secretary as Chairman

In a vote that showed the Democratic Party has yet to heal the wounds of last year’s presidential primary, former Labor Secretary Thomas E. Perez beat Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota to become D.N.C. chairman.
Perez was a Labor Secretary who was not effective in stopping Obama from screwing organized labor on projects like Keystone XL and Dakota Access and other projects hated by Big Green.  Trump can thank him for the working class votes he helped drive his way.

When it comes to identity politics, Ellison was a twofer.  Being a Muslim and a black wasn't quite enough to push him over the top.  Ellison did have some baggage for past positions.

I suspect either one of these two would wind up helping Republicans appeal to conservatives and working class voters.


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