Child abuse--pandering to transgender 'feelings' of children

Susan Wright:
Feelings are emotional or even spiritual, but they are not biological fact. To say someone has gender dysphoria is to say they don’t feel well about being born male or female, but there’s no guarantee that if you mutilate their bodies, they will suddenly feel better. Feelings tend to be deeper, not surface, so not necessarily attached to the physical.

Another mental illness is schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia, much like gender dysphoria, affects how a person feels, concentrates, reacts, and so forth. They may even have hallucinations.

Unlike gender dysphoria, when a person is diagnosed schizophrenic, nobody tells them that they’re absolutely right – the government is poisoning their food and the checkout girl at the grocery store is spying on them.

No, they are treated with medication and therapy.

So why is gender dysphoria treated by catering to the sickness, rather than trying to teach these individuals to be comfortable and healthy in their bodies?

Mainly, because those suffering from gender dysphoria – the transgenders – fall under the social justice umbrella of the LGBT community, and cultural Marxism is a ravenous beast. The individuals are little more than tools, used to destroy the foundation of our society.
It is a mistake to allow people who are not adults to "change their sexual identity" before they are adults.  These people need therapy in body acceptance.  They can't change their biology any more than they can change their race or their age or their height.  Slow short people can't become NBA stars by "identifying" as an athletic tall person.  Delusions can only take a person so far.


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