Did Massachusetts voters swing New Hampshire election?

Daily Mail:

Kansas secretary of state backs the White House: New Hampshire Senate race that swung on 1,017-vote margin may have been decided by 6,000 out-of-state votersKansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said Monday that 6,000 people registered to vote on Election Day in New Hampshire using out-of-state ID
  • Kobach leads a 30-state project that compares voter registrations to root out corruption and clear voter rolls of obsolete and ineligible entries
  • White House senior aide Stephen Miller claimed Sunday that 'thousands' of people actually voted illegally in New Hampshire last year
  • The U.S. Senate race in the Granite State was decided by just 1,017 votes, with a Democratic challenger unseating a Republican incumbent
  • CNN interviewed Kobach about his evidence over a graphic that read: 'Zero evidence to support Trump voter fraud claims'
Same day registrations are an easy mark for election fraud.  It has been alleged that Franken got his seat in the Senate with that type of vote in a very close election.   There have been allegations in teh past of liberals coming in from Massachusetts to vote in New Hampshire which is just across the border.  Wisconsin has also had problems with people allegedly from Chicago being bussed into Milwaukee to vote.  An out of state ID should never be allowed as a voter ID.


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