Talk radio tries to smooth things over for Trump

Rush Limbaugh:
How to Convert Never Trumpers
I think the chances of doing this are remote.  It relies mainly on the antipathy for Hillary Clinton which is certainly strong.  The problem is that the antipathy for Trump is stronger at this point.  To paraphrase one of my law professors who was describing someone else, Trump is a 360-degree jerk.  I cleaned that up a little, but what he means is that any way you look at him, he is a jerk and so are many of his followers.

There were at least 16 other people seeking the nomination who were more qualified to be President than Trump and they all would have been better and had a better chance of beating Hillary Clinton.

Trump won through an aggressive use of the politics of fraud mixed with childish insults that cheapened the contest.  This is not just about Cruz, who I came to support.  It is about rejecting a dishonest political campaign.  I have always thought Bill Clinton was a master of the politics of fraud, but he was much more subtle than Trump.  Most of his fraudulent statements had some degree of plausibility.  Trump's do not rise to that level.

In the process, he has created a level of distrust, that cannot be smooth over by attacking Hillary Clinton.  Hillary is a dishonest person too.  I could never vote for her, but that does not mean I will vote for another person who is dishonest either.

Trump has alienated people in every ethnic group and gender in ways that are unlikely to be forgiven.  He is likely to lose and it will be his fault and the fault of those who fell for his con job.

BTW, I briefly also listened to Hannity who appeared to be trying to smooth things over for Trump.  I do not think he will have any more luck than Rush on this point and probably less since he seemed so attached to Trump and never appeared to challenge him on his politics of fraud.  I did get tired of watching his fawning interviews of Trump so it is possible he did challenge him and it did not come to my attention.  I do not see this as a choice between the lesser of two evils.  I see it as a choice between two dishonest persons, neither of whom should be trusted with the office of the President.


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