Democrats still making bogus claims about getting an ID to vote

Washington Post:
Minorities, poor, elderly face hurdles getting ID for voting

For the first time, 11 states are requiring a photo identification to vote in a presidential election. Many experts say that the process for obtaining an ID can be far more difficult than it might seem for hundreds of thousands of people across the country who do not have one.
I just do not believe that it is all that difficult.  I must have a higher regard for the intellect and abilities of blacks and Hispanics than the Democrats who oppose these requirements.  In fact, I would be hard pressed to find someone in rural Texas without an ID.  If someone is going to register people in a nursing home they can arrange for an ID at the same time.

This is a losing issue for Democrats even if many in the media keep pushing it for them.  The voters and the courts overwhelming support voter ID and it is used in some of the poorest countries in this hemisphere.


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