Pipelines make more sense than those opposing them

Washington Examiner:
With manufacturing and power generation serving as key drivers, total natural gas demand is poised to increase 40 percent over the next decade. U.S. supply, meanwhile, is expected to swell about 48 percent over the next decade to meet this new demand.

Which means the urgency for more energy infrastructure to gather, transport, store and export natural gas has never been greater — for multiple reasons.

"Shale gas production has created new flow patterns that are causing existing pipelines to reverse flow and will necessitate the construction of new pipeline capacity," the NAM report said.

That's one reason.

Here's another: "There is a mismatch, geographically, in the growth in natural gas demand and supply in the U.S. lower 48." The U.S. has the energy resources it needs but lacks the pipelines and transmission lines it requires to transport energy to where it's needed.

And there's only one way to fix this: Build more. We have the energy — which is a great thing. Now let's make sure we have the job-creating infrastructure projects that make sure our energy revolution reaches everyone.
There is more.

The main problem is the "keep it in the ground" anti-energy left  and the liberal energy Luddites whose policies would drive up the cost of living for everyone and would especially hurt the poor in this country.


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