Trump now says he wants the help of 'corrupt special interests'

Washington Examiner:
During the primary campaign, Donald Trump savaged Republican donors as corrupt special interests. Now that he is the presumptive Republican nominee, he wants their help.

Trump announced this week that his campaign was forming a joint venture with the Republican National Committee to raise big money from wealthy donors — as much as $449,400 in a single contribution.

Trump's formation of two joint fundraising agreements with the RNC is common practice — and smart. The GOP standard bearer is running against a Hillary Clinton machine that could spend as much as $2 billion to defeat him, and this approach could help him even the playing field.

But it comes after the New York billionaire spent months bragging that he was self-funding his campaign and accusing his rivals in the Republican primary of being controlled, and at the beck and call, of their "special interest" donors.
Well, he is willing to be at the beck and call of special interest donors now that he is the likely nominee.  The is just more evidence of the dishonesty of his primary campaign.  He and Hillary Clinton will compete to see who is the most dishonest candidate this fall.

The donors may have other uses for their funds according to the NY Times:

Donors for G.O.P. Shift Focus Off of Presidential Race

Republican groups that had been poised to spend big in the presidential election are now likely to aim money toward Senate and House races, as many donors look to distance themselves from Mr. Trump.
It appears that some of them may have taken offence at being called "corrupt special interests."


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