Evidence suggest Obama is backing political fraud used to sell Iran deal

Washington Examiner:
Ben Rhodes, one of President Obama's top foreign policy strategists and chief media spinner, said Tuesday that he has no intention of leaving his post, as many Republicans want, despite the blow up he created when he boasted of creating an "echo-chamber" in Washington to sell the Iran nuclear agreement.

Rhodes on Tuesday declined to say whether he regrets the interview with the New York Times magazine in which he made the comments, but instead gave a long-winded response and indicated he would remain in his post until the very end of Obama's presidency.

"I will not, um, Monday morning quarterback every article I've been a party to," Rhodes told a forum at the Center for a New American Security, where he had just delivered a speech on the president's Asia and Burma policy.
Republicans have called on Rhodes to resign, and were pushing for him to testify at a House hearing Tuesday morning, but Rhodes skipped it after the White House said he wouldn't be made available in order to preserve the "independence and autonomy" of the president.

The White House over the past week has made clear that Obama still has faith in Rhodes and has no intention of forcing him out.
Rhodes said he would not leave before Obama's last day in office.  That tells me that Obama backed the fraud perpetrated on the country by Rhodes who created an artificial "echo chamber" of misleading statements about the Iran deal in order to sell it to Congress.


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