New York man arrested for ties to ISIL

A New York City man rejected twice trying to enter the United Kingdom after his camouflage clothing, nunchakus and Islamic State flag images on his cellphone raised suspicions was arrested Tuesday on charges that he tried to assist the terrorism group.

Sajmir Alimehmeti, 22, of the Bronx, was awaiting an initial appearance in Manhattan federal court. A criminal complaint signed by an FBI agent described Alimehmeti as repeatedly demonstrating support for the Islamic State since 2014.

It was not immediately known who would represent him at an initial appearance in Manhattan federal court.

According to court papers, Alimehmeti tried this month to provide advice and assistance to a person he thought was traveling from New York to Syria to train and fight with the Islamic State.

The FBI complaint described how employees of the agency and the New York City Police Department gave Alimehmeti numerous opportunities to demonstrate his enthusiasm for the Islamic State after authorities in the United Kingdom ordered him twice returned to the United States in the fall of 2014.

The court papers said he was wearing camouflage pants and shirts and carrying nunchakus in his luggage when he arrived at Manchester Airport in October 2014, and he was denied entry at Heathrow Airport two months later when authorities spotted images of Islamic State flags and bombing attacks on his cellphone and laptop computer.
It does not sound he was particularly bright or astute in his efforts.  It does demonstrate the reach of the radical Islamist ideology.  The guy apparently got off on ISIL snuff videos.  His brother in Albania was also arrested for attempting to go fight in Syria.


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