Iranian women cut their hair and dress like men to avoid edict to wear funny clothes

Independent on Sunday:
Women in Iran are cutting their hair short and dressing as men in a bid to bypass state 'morality' police who rigorously enforce penalties for not wearing a hijab.

A number of women have shared photos of themselves in public with their hair uncovered on Instagram and other social media.

The women have cut their hair short in some images and in others are dressed in clothes more typically associated with men.

The hijab is becoming an increasingly contentious issue in Iran as women step up their campaign against it and other oppressive, gendered laws. In recent months, women have been filmed walking through Tehran with their hair uncovered and activists have urged Western tourists to violate laws by refusing to wear the hijab during their visits to the Islamic republic.

But the response from authorities to this resistance has been severe.

A politician was disqualified from Iranian parliament after photos purporting to show her in public without a headscarf emerged, despite her insistence they were fake.

This week, eight models were reportedly detained for posting "vulgar" pictures on social media with their hair uncovered. One was pictured apparently making a public apology on state TV.
The hijab and the requirement to wear a scarf have nothing to do with religion.   They are about a peculiar idea by the Mullahs that female hair emits "sex rays" that make it impossible for men to control their libido. It is part of their blame the victim ideology when it comes to sexual assaults and it is also about their failure to teach men to control their impulses.

There are many beautiful Iranian women and they should not be required to go through life with a sack over their head.


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