Ted Cruz was right about the media treatment of Trump

Cruz complained that the media was hlding back on negative stories about Trump until after he had the nomination in hand.  That appears to be accurate. The NY Times did a long story about Trump's relationships with several women over the weekend, and the Washington Post has this story about a guy with Russian mob connections who claimed a relationship with Trump.
Former Mafia-linked figure describes association with Donald Trump

The GOP candidate has repeatedly said he barely remembers Felix Sater, but the Russian-born businessman, in previously unreported sworn testimony reviewed by The Post, described a closer relationship.
The Post has asigned 20 reporters to digging into Trump's background now that he has secured the nomination.   Were they waiting in ensure that he was the nominee who would be facing Hilary Clinton?  Would they rather see her run against Trump than Cruz?  The answer to both appears to be yes based on teh stories released since Trump locked up the nomination.


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