Egypt jet that crashed sensors indicated smoke just before contact lost

There were smoke alerts aboard EgyptAir Flight 804 in the minutes before it crashed in the Mediterranean Sea early Thursday, flight data filed through the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) show. CNN obtained the data through a screen grab from an Egyptian source.

The time stamps match the approximate time the aircraft went missing. ACARS is a data link for sending messages between planes and ground facilities.
The report also indicates the debris area has been found north of Alexandria Egypt.  The report does not indicate the source of the smoke, but the failure of the plane to send out an SOS suggest it may have involved communication wiring.  No cause of the smoke has been reported at this time.

The data recorder will be needed to determine the actual cause of the smoke.
... The system shows that at 2.26am local time smoke was detected in aircraft lavatory.

A minute later another smoke sensor went off. A series of faults continued until 2.29am when the system stopped recording.
It appears to be a quickly moving fire.


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