Failure and tone deafness at the VA continues

Washington Examiner:
Republican lawmakers slammed the Department of Veterans Affairs Monday after Sec. Bob McDonald compared the agency's long wait times for veterans seeking health care to the wait times for rides at Disneyland.

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump used McDonald's comments to remind voters that his likely Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, said in October that problems at the VA were "not widespread."

Trump's former rival, Sen. Ted Cruz, also weighed in over social media.

"Healthcare for our veterans is NOT a visit to the Magic Kingdom," Cruz tweeted. "They EARNED quality care in a timely fashion!"
The story has a lengthy list of Twitter responses from Republicans to the comments by McDonald.  Whoever thought up that excuse for failure at the VA was not thinking about the ramifications or the troops dying while waiting to be seen.

Recently a doctor recommended that I see the VA about getting hearing aids.  After giving it some thought I decided to take a different approach.  With fellow veterans dying while waiting to see a doctor, I just could not justify taking time away from them for a non-life-threatening condition.


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