Trump does not have much of a ground game for general election

Washington Examiner:
Donald Trump's presidential campaign may have hit a snag in Ohio.

While Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has an Ohio team in place, Trump is reportedly lagging behind.

Ed Rollins, co-chairman of the pro-Trump Great America political action committee, told the Wall Street Journal it feels like Trump's team is "at ground zero."

"I think we have a superior candidate," Rollins told the Journal. "It's a question of whether you can build the resources. Campaigns are used to building for two years, and we have far less time to do it."
Trump has no general election staff in Ohio according to the story.  For a billionaire, Trump has run a pretty cheap campaign but it may be catching up with him.  He has alienated many of the donor class and is struggling to get the money for the general election.


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