Elizabeth Warren's sad story, bumps up against her own history

Red States:
How Elizabeth Warren Trafficked In Shattered Dreams To Turn A Quick Buck

Anecdotes are always heart-rending but somehow I scratch my head in wonder over someone who views having to make mortgage payments as “an ugly surprise buried in the fine print.” I question the commonsense — and maybe the sanity — of any father who would seriously contemplate having his family live in a van so the child could go to the same school (I say that as someone who attended 10 schools in 12 years and the last three years were all spent at the same school). The important thing to keep in mind here is that the housing bubble bursting had zero to do with Donald Trump or big banks. Its roots lay in federal policy that encouraged lenders to make loans to people, like Mr. Estrada, who were simply not financially able to make mortgage payments.
The Boston Herald investigated Warren’s profiteering off of home foreclosures back in 2012. As usual, the champions of the little guy couldn’t be bothered to take notice....
The story of someone losing their house is sad, but the responsibility lies with the federal government who pushed banks into making the loans and with the poor saps who fell for the Democrat scam.   Warren is an imperfect messenger for this attack anyway since she also profited from flipping foreclosures.


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