Angry voters and the candidates they love or hate

Frank Luntz:
Welcome to the Election From Hell

Voters demand that politicians speak as angrily and as disrespectfully as the voters feel
I must be an exception to the people he met in the various focus groups.  I do not trust candidates who confuse insults with logical arguments.  I am disappointed with the Republican Congressional leadership and feel betrayed by them but it is irrational in the extreme to lump Ted Cruz and many of the other candidates in with that leadership.

At this point, it appears that the two parties have selected candidates who may be the weakest in modern history.  They both appear dishonest in their own unique ways.  Trump comes across not only as insulting, but incoherent and lacking a core beyond striking a deal of some sorts.

While I have usually been reluctant to label someone a liar, Hillary Clinton seems to be an unusually bad liar.  Her lies become inexplicable.  What is striking about that is that her supporters don't care that she is a liar.  In that regard, they are like Trump supporters who do not care that he is an incoherent insult artist.

As more Republicans come to support Trump they seem to be projecting their own views on the issues onto Trump's incoherent ramblings.

The Democrats had an unusually weak field from which to choose.  However on the Republican side, there were easily a dozen or so better choices than Trump.  Those better choices manage to split the vote allowing Trump an advantage.


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