What is the Democrats' strategy for the midterms?

Joe Cunningham:
But, it is the Democratic politicians, not their mobs, who are confusing me the most. At a time when they want to showcase themselves as being a better option than Donald Trump, they are not offering ideas, not pumping up their base, and not doing anything to inspire voters that they are the preferable alternative.

Instead, they have chosen rallying cries of fear and paranoia, and those cries are being amplified by an all-too-willing media that wishes to see Trump defeated as much as the Democrats do.

I do not understand this. Trump is, according to the Democrats, a conspiracy-theory-pushing nutjob who should not be in the office he’s in. This is the time where Democrats are supposed to make the case that they are better, but they choose not to. Instead, they go right along with inciting the most fringe elements of their base into action.

They tried to destroy a good man’s life – not just his career or his shot at the Supreme Court, but his actual personal, private life – in order to stop his nomination. The result? The Republican Party enjoyed a very nice boost in the polls.

They are looking to use the immigrant caravan coming to the border as a chance to showcase how much Trump hates Hispanics. They think that they can replicate Trump’s approval pitfall from May if things are timed just right. If you consider the fact that immigration was a major platform of the Trump campaign, and the issue he polled best on, you might not want to go that route.

They are fine with their base entering any restaurant where a Republican politician is dining and make it impossible for them to enjoy a meal. They are okay with Antifa all but taking over Portland, Oregon and disrupting the lives of regular Americans. They are pushing heavily the idea that America is in absolute chaos and they want to right the ship.

Of course, they will not acknowledge that it is not the Republicans who are instigating this chaos.

I do not understand the strategy… actually, I’m not quite sure there is a strategy anymore. These aren’t the tactics of a winning team. These are the tactics of a party that is throwing ideas against the wall to see what sticks at this point.
Well, they do want to raise taxes and are not concerned about teh collateral damage from doing so.  Of course, they never have been concerned about the ill effects of tax increases if they can use the money to create dependency.  They do have some ideas about locking the poor into dependency instead of creating real jobs.


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