Marines gear up for a 'cold war' military exercise

NY Times:
‘Cold War’ Takes New Meaning for U.S. Marines at a NATO Exercise

A military conflict between NATO and Russia would mean fighting in the cold. American troops have spent much of the past 17 years warring in warmer climes.
Actually, it has been much longer.  The last time US troops were fighting in extreme cold was in the Korean War.  There were 12,000 Marines surrounded by an estimated 120,000 Chinese troops near the Chosin reservoir.  The Marines fought their way backed to the coast and killed about 25,000 Chicom troops and left many of the Chinese survivors "combat ineffective." 

A female war correspondent asked one of the Marines what was the worst part of the fighting.  He responded "Trying to get four inches of dick out of six inches of clothing to take a whizz."

In Vietnam, it was hot and humid.  Recent wars have been in mostly hot and dry climates.

But when I was in training to go to Vietnam, much of the time was spent in cold winters in Northern Virginia.  We did have cold weather gear that made the freezing temperature tolerable.  I am sure that 50 years later, the Marines in these NATO exercises probably have better gear.


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