Democrats try to silence their political opponents

Robert Stacy McCain:
Americans are no longer a free people, if debate on major public-policy issues is effectively criminalized, which is what the Democrats and their allies are attempting to do with regard to our immigration policy. We are now being told in effect that it is “hate speech” to express opposition to the open-borders agenda of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and such of their billionaire donors as George Soros. Democrats and their media allies have recently taken to declaring that it is a “dog whistle” of racism and anti-Semitism for any Republican even to mention the name of Soros in connection with the immigration issue. If you don’t think the United States should throw open its borders to welcome the caravan of Honduran migrants now headed north through Mexico, and if you call attention to how Democrats are cheering on this horde of would-be foreign invaders, well, you must be some kind of Nazi who wants to kill Jews. Or at least that’s the general drift of liberal rhetoric in the final week of the midterm election campaign.

CNN has spent the past few days insinuating that the gunman who murdered 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue was incited to this act by President Trump. Republicans are not allowed to object to CNN’s one-sided coverage, however, because Florida madman Cesar Sayoc also hated CNN, and therefore anyone who criticizes the network is deemed a potential threat to public safety. Between the Pittsburgh shooter and the Florida bomber, basically anything said in favor of Republicans (or against Democrats) is now considered “hate speech” in the eyes of liberals. This is especially the case when it comes to immigration. Ever since the migrant caravan set off from Honduras, announcing their intention to march all the way to the United States, Democrats have been accusing the GOP of “exploiting” the issue. What are Republicans supposed to do? Pretend they don’t notice the lawless intentions of these so-called “refugees”?

After Mexican officials tried to stop the migrants by blocking a bridge across the Suchiate River at the Mexico-Guatemala border, they crossed the river illegally on rafts. “No one will stop us, only God,” a migrant named Olivin Castellano told an Associated Press reporter. “We knocked down the door and we continue walking.” Perhaps God will not stop this invasion, but the U.S. Army has a duty to defend the country, and Trump has ordered so many troops to the border that the deployment for “Operation Faithful Patriot” will exceed the U.S. force serving in Syria. And while these troops prepare to defend our border, CNN continues an around-the-clock propaganda campaign that accuses the Commander-in-Chief of inciting criminal violence.

Phrases like “hateful rhetoric” and “white nationalist” are part of the CNN script, conveying to the network’s viewers the idea that President Trump is responsible for the acts of deranged kooks like Sayoc, the steroid-addled Florida mail-bomber, and Robert Bowers, the high-school dropout who committed the Pittsburgh massacre. Never mind that Bowers denounced Trump by name in one of his anti-Semitic online screeds, and never mind that Sayoc is a mentally ill former male stripper whose bombs never exploded — no, these two lunatics must have acted on coded signals from Trump, the CNN viewer is led to believe. And then there is the problem of Soros, who was among the intended recipients of one of Sayoc’s non-exploding bombs.

George Soros has been a major funder of much of the institutional infrastructure the Left has built during the past 20 years. David Horowitz’s site Discover the Networks says that “a strong case can be made for the claim that Soros today affects American politics and culture more profoundly that any other living person.” Such organizations as Media Matters for America are beneficiaries of Soros’s vast wealth. While the total of his political expenditures over the years is perhaps beyond calculation, it is known that between 2003 and 2011, for example, Soros spent more than $48 million to fund media properties. Given his enormous influence on the Left, it is understandable that conservatives suspect that Soros is behind every allegedly “grassroots” left-wing activist group. It’s not a paranoid conspiracy, but a documented fact that, for example, the Black Lives Movement received more than $30 million from Soros’s tax-exempt organizations. Likewise, it has been documented that so-called “Antifa” groups, implicated in riots in Berkeley and elsewhere, got money from Soros-funded foundations. And it should surprise no one that Soros has spent many millions in support of an open-borders immigration agenda.
There is more.

The Washington Post which has become a virulent anti-Trump media outlet, for the most part, published an op-ed by a Soros backed writer who made the ridiculous claim that criticizing Soros was somehow anti-semantic, even though the guy admitted to helping the Nazis go after the Jews.  The writer of the op-ed worked for the Soros sponsored Media Matters. 

Soros is an advocate for open borders so it is not crazy to think he would support the movement of the Hondurans toward the US border.


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