How to defeat Trump after Tuesday

Erick Erickson:
We have arrived at the time where everyone who does not want Trump to be the GOP nominee must unite. And we may not be able to unite behind our candidate preference to do it. But for the good of the country, we must agree that we must stop Trump.

Tomorrow is the SEC Primary. In a number of states where Ted Cruz should be doing very well, he suddenly finds himself in third place behind Marco Rubio.

But in other states, Cruz has rebounded and he does have Texas. Nonetheless, in Texas, Rubio may perform well enough to take some delegates away from Cruz.

All of this is to say that no one knows who will come out with the delegate lead on Tuesday.

What I do know to be sure is that talk of a brokered convention could be ruination to our fortunes in November and bitterly divisive. What I also know is that there is such a strong anti-establishment current in the party and nation right now, a nominee from a brokered convention has the potential to be seen by even the anti-Trump base as illegitimate.

I think the time has come to stop letting egos and Trump fester. I think the candidates must now consider that whoever comes out of Tuesday with the most delegates behind Trump be the Presidential nominee and whoever is third be the uniting Vice President.
I think this would be a Cruz-Rubio ticket.  The question is, would the establishment back it?   Their irrational hatred of Cruz might keep them from accepting the idea.  About the only thing that unites them is their opposition to Trump.  At this point I would take this deal.


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