The false narrative about Ted Cruz

Mary Beth Martin:
Ted Cruz and ‘dirty tricks’

Republican establishment is running scared

Grass-roots activism is often frustrating work. There are candidates who pledge to do one thing while on the campaign trail, but then get to Capitol Hill and never act on those promises. Campaign promises are easily jettisoned once newly elected Members of Congress arrive in Washington, and the actual voting records of Members of Congress rarely match up with the pledges and promises they make on the campaign trail. Sen. Ted Cruz stands out in Washington because he has consistently refused to join in on the backroom deal making, the corruption, and the culture of broken promises. And, yes, there has been hell to pay for his refusal to take part in that culture.

The rich irony of the past few weeks is that the Establishment GOP is attempting to get the “dirty trickster” label irrevocably attached to Ted Cruz and his campaign because they do not want a President Cruz challenging the status quo and exposing all of the true dirty tricks in Washington, DC. Dirty tricks, after all, are the modus operandi in our nation’s Capitol. It is a dirty trick to say you are “reducing spending,” when all you are doing is simply not spending as much as you could have spent or wanted to spend. It was a dirty trick when the Democrats decided to use a procedural technique to “deem” Obamacare to have been passed, even though the Senate and the House never voted on the same bill. And it was a dirty trick for Republicans to campaign on repealing Obamacare, but then simply sit back in Congress while the law went into effect.
The more honest members of the establishment say they fear Cruz because he will do what he says.


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