This is how Trump sees the world?

Washington Post:
Donald Trump’s misleading claim that he’s ‘won most of’ lawsuits over Trump University

In true Trump fashion, he boasts that he “won much of” or “most of” the lawsuits against him over Trump University. But all three lawsuits are pending. Trump can claim some court rulings favorable to himself, but so can the plaintiffs.

Trump also creates a misleading characterization of the plaintiffs filing the lawsuit against him, saying they signed an evaluation praising the program but are suing them just to get their money back. The charges in the lawsuit originate from attendees’ complaints that they were misled into paying tens of thousands of dollars for a mentoring and training program that didn’t deliver what it advertised.

Trump goes too far downplaying the allegations, by saying most of it is already resolved. That’s just not the case.

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