Another Hillary Clinton missing document scandal, this time it is on Benghazi

Sharyl Attkisson:
It only took 3-1/2 years but the State Department has turned over new, previously undisclosed documents to the House Benghazi Committee. No word as to what’s contained in them. According to a committee spokesman, the documents come from the office of the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In a court filing, the State Department reportedly said it only recently discovered the documents.

Benghazi “document-sifting” sounds familiar to career public servant

The Clintons have been involved in numerous missing document scandals over the decades. A former State Department official under Hillary Clinton says he witnessed a “document sorting” session being conducted in the basement of the State Department after the Benghazi investigations began. Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Raymond Maxwell says two top Clinton aides, Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan, checked in on the session while he was present. The document sorting went on for several weekends, according to Maxwell, and its purpose was to separate documents that could prove “embarrassing” to the secretary. After Maxwell revealed what he says he saw firsthand, he was never contacted by any law enforcement body or Inspector General to investigate.

Did Clinton aides withhold damaging Benghazi documents?

The House Benghazi Committee today tweeted out the update about the newly-provided documents and stated that there are still outstanding records requests that the administration has not fulfilled after almost one year.
Then there are the Clinton speeches she was paid $11 million for in one year.

Stonewalling is what she does in hopes that people will forget the reasons they wanted the documents in the first place.


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