Trump voters appear impervious to facts

Derek Hunter:
here he was, stripped bare and standing in the middle of the debate stage. Donald Trump was eviscerated in Thursday’s debate. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz took turns pummeling the founder of Trump University with his own words, his own history, and delivering body blow after body blow.

It was more than enough to convince any thinking person he was not a serious candidate for president. But Trump isn’t your typical presidential candidate. He’s Barack Obama-light, in every sense of the term.

What does Donald Trump stand for? What will he do if elected? What core conservative principle will he advance?

If you’re being honest, the answer to each of those questions is you have no idea.

Don’t feel bad, neither does he.

That’s not entirely true. He was fairly unambiguous about one thing he’d like to do: change the law so he can sue newspapers. When it comes to solutions to the nation’s problems, Donald Trump is the equivalent of a constitutional dumpster fire; and that’s just fine to his worshipers.
It’s the same stifling of speech outraging conservatives on college campuses; only it’s Trump advancing it. If it’s fascism when a student group proposes it, what is it when a billionaire does?

His supporters don’t bother with strings of words ending in question marks. Their kryptonite is a simple “How?” or the dreaded “What?”
Many times when someone has been conned they cling to that con in the face of facts.  I think that is what is happening with Trump voters.  He appeals to the base instincts of the uneducated.  One of the reasons he used profanity early on is that is the way the uneducated tend to argue.  They confuse insults with logic.


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