Voters overwhelmingly oppose Democrat 'energy' bill

Voter / Consumer Research conducted a nationwide survey for the American Energy Alliance on issues related to the proposed energy legislation.

Voters reacted well to a number of the points articulated by opponents of this proposal. Most prominent among these were:

82% agree, 68% strongly agree -- “When taxes on the oil industry go up,
inevitably they’ll be passed along to consumers in the form of higher prices at
the pump.”

81% agree, 61% strongly agree -- “It makes no sense to increase taxes on
American owned oil companies, while creating a tax advantage for foreign
owned companies like BP.”

76% agree, 55% strongly agree -- “American oil companies mostly compete
against huge oil companies owned by foreign governments; it makes no
sense to hurt American oil companies by making them pay a tax that doesn’t
apply to their foreign competitors.”


Voters have a clear set of priorities for Congressional action (if any) on the
energy issue. Their top priority is to improve oversight and enforcement of
existing laws (88% favor, 70% strongly favor) rather than pass additional
legislation (16% oppose).

Voters oppose a ban on offshore drilling:
o 71% oppose banning all offshore drilling in the US. 50% strongly
oppose, while just 26% favor a ban.

o 60% oppose banning offshore drilling in deep waters, while 34% favor
such a ban.

Instead, voters favor increasing the production of oil and gas here in the
o 77% favor increasing oil production in the US, and 58% strongly
favor while just 20% oppose.
While the poll was done for an industry related group its margin of error is 3.1%. This poll suggest just how out of touch Democrats are on the energy issue, The Republicans are well placed to oppose this legislation and use that opposition against Democrats this fall.


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