Dem Ducks in amnesty for votes scheme


Even with time running out, Democrats haven't dropped the idea of ramming through illegal-immigrant amnesty to create more Democratic voters. Their new push shows an array of underhanded tactics to sneak that in.

After passing major programs that most Americans don't want — from a wasteful stimulus to a health care nightmare — Democrats know it's time to pay the piper with voters.

But another touchy issue — immigration — looms large on their to-do list. And because 70% of Latinos backed Democrats in 2008, a lot of mischief could be in the works — including an amnesty for illegals that would serve both as political payback and a way to create a new voting bloc.


All of this suggests the lame-duck period could be prime time for unpopular measures such as amnesty. Democrats could reward their immigration lobby supporters but evade fallout from angry voters after the elections.

It's also worth noting that immigration lobbyists have gotten bolder this week. On Tuesday, groups in Washington told Democrats that they want a "down payment" for their past support.

I am not sure what Republicans they could peel off in the senate for such an endeavor. If they get none the Democrats lose. The problem is they might get Lindsay Graham who has been acting weird on the immigration issue for some time.


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