Migrants paying a high price for lax enforcement

NY Times:

Dr. Bruce Parks unzips a white body bag on a steel gurney and gingerly lifts out a human skull and mandible, turning them over in his hands and examining the few teeth still in their sockets.

The body bag, coated with dust, also contains a broken pelvis, a femur and a few smaller bones found in the desert in June, along with a pair of white sneakers.

“These are people who are probably not going to be identified,” said Dr. Parks, the chief medical examiner for Pima County. There are eight other body bags crowded on the gurney.

The Pima County morgue is running out of space as the number of Latin American immigrants found dead in the deserts around Tucson has soared this year during a heat wave.

The rise in deaths comes as Arizona is embroiled in a bitter legal battle over a new law intended to discourage illegal immigrants from settling here by making it a state crime for them to live or seek work.

But the law has not kept the immigrants from trying to cross hundreds of miles of desert on foot in record-breaking heat. The bodies of 57 border crossers have been brought in during July so far, putting it on track to be the worst month for such deaths in the last five years.

The Feds are determined not to enforce the law on a consistent basis nor are they willing to let Arizona enforce their own law which would deter people from making this unwise trek through the desert. We are going to have to have work place raids to deter people from coming.

Giving them amnesty will only be giving these people an invitation to come illegally. Those who posture about "comprehensive" immigration reform have not answer when it comes to deterring people from coming. I suspect they just see them as more potential Democrat votes after the next amnesty. That kind of bad faith is going to make it difficult for Democrats to get the vote they want on the issue.


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