Congress trying to usurp Texas control of drilling in state waters

Texas Railroad Commissioner Elizabeth Ames Jones say:

“It is my understanding that HR 3534, which is a combination of several bills, is making its way through Congress and may be up for a vote on Friday.   This bill usurps the states' authority over oil and gas exploration in their state waters (page 47). The Republic of Texas entered into the Union in 1845 and retained jurisdiction up to 3 leagues offshore.  That boundary was adjudicated in the Tidelands case in the 1940's and finally resolved by Congress in 1953.”

“I urge all members of the Texas congressional delegation, regardless of party affiliation, to vote NO on HR 3534 by Rahall (D-WV) and on any other piece of legislation that encroaches upon the energy regulatory practices put into place by the Railroad Commission of Texas and the other coastal states' respective energy regulatory agencies. This is a blatant attempt by the federal government to nationalize control of the coastal states' jurisdictions.”
Texas may have to retry the Tidelands case if this legislation passes. The Texas delegation needs to oppose this bill regardless of party.


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