Taliban murder another hostage in extortion plot


A South Korean from a group of 22 held by the Taleban in south Afghanistan has been killed, a spokesman for the militants has said.

The office of the governor of Ghazni province and local police also told the BBC the killing had taken place, but neither had seen the victim's body.


The leader of the group was shot by the Taleban on Wednesday. The militants want government prisoners released.


Far be it for the BBC to be judgmental about the Taliban's war crimes or even mention the fact that their conduct constitutes a war crime. Taking non combatants hostage and then murdering them in a plot to extort prisoner releases from the government is so blatant a war crime that even the BBC should be able to identify it as such.

It should also be noted that this is a result of the governments agreeing to release prisoners to free a worthless Italian journalist. Perhaps the BBC has a higher regard for Italian journalist who get captured by Islamic terrorist, but his release has only whetted the appetite of wickedness for the Taliban.

Fox News has more on the hostage murder. Michelle Malkin is running regular updates on the Taliban murder extortion operation. Jawa Report has more and asks, "Where is the outrage?"


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