Success of the surge in Baghdad



The commanders discussed successes on several fronts ranging from military to economic victories.

The number of unidentified bodies has decreased by 90 percent. Improvised exploding device and mortar attacks have decreased to 40 percent and car bombs have decreased to 15 percent, according to Ganbar.

“We have noticed commercial movement in Baghdad after long suspension,” Ganbar said. “Work in the government offices has started to be organized and many projects are carried out in Baghdad along with many services.”

Ganbar also reported that the school year that just ended at all of the Baghdad schools had been one of the least violent in recent memory with no violence reported during the final examinations. He also said that services at medical facilities have increased by 300 percent.


The commanders also spoke of the tragic attacks on Iraqis celebrating following the victory of their national soccer team against South Korea. Ganbar also spoke of the great resolve he has seen in his fellow Iraqis, however.

“Our people have proved that they are united despite all the terrorism which have been exposed and now we know that terrorism has no religion. It's the enemy of all the nations and all humanity,” Ganbar said.

“This is done by terrorists and it's important that the Iraqi people continue to reject these terrorists who know nothing but violence and destruction; who do not care about the future of Iraq; who do not care about the future of the Iraqi people,” Ordierno said.


One of the problems with much of the reporting from Iraq is that it lacks perspective. The report on violence leaves the impression that it is the most important metric of the war, when in fact it is one of the least.


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