Data mining public data upsets liberals

The Strata-Sphere:

Do you think it should be illegal for our government to use Yahoo or Google to search for information that may expose an attack here in the US? It is a basic fundamental question. These search engines use sophisticated and proprietary SW to rapidly run through the billions of pages of information now out on the world wide web to bring to you, and anyone, the supposed gems of the internet for you to analyze. It is how our national security agencies identify new threats and understand what they are thinking, since the web is one of the new tools in modern warfare.

No sane person is going to reject the idea that authorities should monitor the information that is out there for public access to try and determine al Qaeda’s next move. We KNOW they used information we once had on the web to plan their attacks here. That is why you don’t see school layouts or government facility layouts or have access to names of people at a NASA center anymore - this information became less public so it cannot be leveraged by our enemy.

Sadly, many times our enemy is those amongst us who are in denial there is a threat at all. To them the acts of 9-11 were of no big consequence, and there is no real threat by terrorists who want to make 9-11 look like a cake walk. In the warped and dysfunctional minds of these people, it is those who are trying to protect this country who are the enemy. They scream ‘foul’ when they learn America might use something like Google to find out who might be trying to kill the next 3,000+ Americans....

There is much more. The sickness of those who fear the ones trying to defend them more than the ones trying to kill them is a dangerous situation. Democrats need to cure this sickness instead of feed it. If they were more interested in the national security of the country than their political objectives they would be working on this problem rather than trying to tear down the Bush administration.


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