Rationed socalized medicine in UK for woman 108

Daily Mail:

A woman aged 108 has been told she must wait 18 months before the Health Service will give her the hearing aid she needs.

Former piano teacher Olive Beal, one of the oldest people in Britain, has poor eyesight and uses a wheelchair.

The delay could mean she will be unable to communicate and listen to the music she loves.

Now her family have said that realistically Mrs Beal is unlikely ever to receive the digital hearing aid that will save her from isolation.

The one-time suffragette is one of hundreds of thousands of older people made to wait up to two years and sometimes more for modern digital hearing aids that make a dramatic difference to their ability to hear and communicate.

The case of Mrs Beal comes just a few days after the Mail revealed how another centenarian, Esme Collins, has been threatened with eviction from the nursing home where she has lived for ten years in a dispute between home owners and the local council over her fees.


Perhaps Michael Moore can take her to Cuba for her hearing aid. Socialized medicine means rationed health care and waiting for treatment. That is what Hillary Care would produce in this country, but many Democrats favor it. Somehow I don't think Moore will be doing a movie of those in the UK waiting two years for treatment.

David Gratzer shows what rationed health care in Canada is like for the patients. It is something that you would only wish on Michael Moore.


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