O'Reilly vs. Daily Kos

Bill O'Reilly:

As you may know, we've exposed the far-left Daily Kos web site as being a hate enterprise and have questioned why the Democratic presidential candidates are speaking at its convention, thereby putting a stamp of approval on hate.

JetBlue figured it out quick after we questioned their sponsorship of the convention and they pulled their name out of it but the pols still intend to show up. Predictably there's been some blow back from the far left. Elements at NBC News and Stephen Colbert had pro-Kos comments. No surprise and the usual Kool-Aid columnists are all in a twitter.

Then there was this from Ann Barzler who lives in Marshall, Michigan. "Bill, I was disgusted and offended that you would show that vile pseudo-photo of President Bush with an animal. You've lost a viewer." Well, I'm sorry about that madam, but sometimes I have to show awful stuff like that Kos picture to get things done. By the way, an even worse picture displayed on the Kos Web site will be shown here on Monday evening.

Now at this point, it should be obvious to every American the far left is out of control and doing damage to the nation. If I have to shock you to get that across, I will. And on Monday you'll be shocked.

Now remember, the next president of the United States may be speaking before a group that allows and encourages the lowest form of discourse, threats, defamation, rank hatred. Never before in our country's history has this happened and the reason it is happening is because much of the media sympathizes with the far left and legitimizes its extreme hatred.

"Talking Points" would like to repeat, if a very public presidential candidate spoke before a far right hate group, that candidate would be fried by the media. But not a negative word about the Kos situation from the press. Figure it out.

I think you will see candidates being tied to the extremist rhetoric of the Daily Kos as the campaign unfolds. Anger and emotion with the use of expletives is confused with logical argument on many of the left wing sites. That Democrats are comfortable with those people tells you something about their own sense of political morality. What is really surprising is that O'Reilly has been the only public media figure to challenge them on the issue. The others should be ashamed. Their failure to do so exposes their bias.


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