Where does Rove get these ideas?

Patrick Ruffini:

Call me crazy, but if you're trying to convince people that you're strong, moaning and wailing and running to the teacher like a 7-year old in the schoolyard might not be the best strategy. As is usually the case when liberals are under attack, the hysterical defensiveness of the response tells you volumes more than the original critique.

Frankly, I don't know where Karl Rove gets these crazy ideas. It's not as if the "rights" of the comrades of Atta at Guantanamo were of concern to liberals or anything. It's not as if a leading liberal Senator was comparing American military personnel to Nazis, and not, say, the Taliban, and it's not as though he was feted at a soiree with well-heeled D.C. establishment types the week after. It's not as if their putative Speaker of the House called the war on Al Qaeda over. It's not as though they nominated someone who insisted upon passing a "global test," who called global terrorism a "nuisance," who said of September 11th, "It didn't change me much at all," who conceded he "couldn't think" on 9/11, who called for a "more sensitive" war on terror. And it's not as though, before nominating that someone, they went wild for someone else who said that we ought not pre-judge Osama bin Laden, or who suggested that the Saudis tipped Bush off about the whole thing, and when he was ultimately disqualified, it was over a half-second failure to modulate, and not such preposterous assertions. It's not as though a documentary attacking the war in Afghanistan and President Bush's immediate response to 9/11 developed a strong enough following to become the nation's #1 film for a weekend, with the chairman of a major party (not this one -- the other one) attending the premiere.



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