Earth to Feingold

Roger Simon:

Sen. Russ Feingold's screed regarding Bush's speech last night is one of the purest examples of the reason people like me have deserted the Democratic Party:

With the country listening, the President had the chance to finally give our troops and the American public some sense of when he believes this conflict in Iraq will be over and when our brave men and women in uniform will come home.

Earth-to-Feingold, Bush does not want to state WHEN (sorry for the caps but they are necessary in this rare case) our troops will come home because, as he has repeated again and again, that would put them and their Iraqi colleagues in harm's way and also tell the Baathists and Islamofacists (remember them?) what we are up to and allow them to wait and take over Iraq. Also, anyone with the slightest intelligence realizes that it is impossible to tell at this juncture when the Iraqi government forces will be prepared to defend themselves against the fascists. When they are, we will go. (Bush made that perfectly clear too when he said "When they stand up, we will stand down.")

The question for Feingold is why do you want the same policy our enemy wants? And, why do you think he wants it?


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