School for suicide bombers?

Clifford D. May:

There is no such thing as an experienced suicide bomber.

This insight seems to have eluded the Central Intelligence Agency. A few days ago a classified CIA report was leaked to the media. It put forward the frightening “assessment” that terrorists in Iraq are developing greater skills than those who learned their trade in Afghanistan under Taliban/al-Qaeda rule in the 1990s.

Think about that: The most effective weapon the terrorists utilize in Iraq is the suicide bomber. Surely it is the rare suicide bomber who improves his performance mission after mission.

What other abilities are the terrorists mastering in Iraq? They are assembling Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). Does anyone seriously believe that the IED learning experience provided in a Fallujah basement is so much richer than what used to be offered in Kandahar in the days when Osama bin Laden was resident there?


While not ferreting out the secrets of others, the CIA has become adept at letting its own secrets get loose. The motivation behind leaking classified “assessments” such as this one is obvious: to shape public opinion, influence policy makers and affect domestic politics. These are not the tasks the CIA receives billions of dollars to carry out.

Read it all. May does a great job of expanding on a theme discussed here. Bottom line, the jihadis are going to Iraq to die, not for training. It should be our objective to speed that process along, before they get the chance to kill more non combatants.


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