Dems upset about references to 9-11 in Bush's Iraq speech

Democrats continue to reject links to al Qaeda and Iraq despite the existence of an organization called al Qaeda in Iraq that is responsible for most of the violence. That organization, headed by Zarqawi, who was treated for wounds received in Afganistan while seeking sanctuary in prewar Iraq.

The Democrats fundamental problem is they have mischaracterized the reasons for going to war in Iraq. By focusing on WMD and supposed links to the 9-11 hijackers they are over looking the real reasons for going to war.

The real reason for going to war is that Saddam failed to account for all his WMD as he was required to do by the 1991 cease fire agreement and numerous UN resolutions. His inability to account for those weapons, after 9-11 was an unacceptable risk. He was a man whose word was no good. After the war, despite a significant effort The US was still unable to account for all of Saddam's WMD. We were still left to speculate on what happened to significant unaccounted for inventories. While a more rational approach to this issue would see it as a puzzle and a problem that needs continued study, many Democrats chose to politicize this problem and accuse the administration of misleading the country.

It is another reason why they are not trusted on national security issues.


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