Tom Brokaw has a pretty comprehensive report on the war on terror

Brokaw's report runs nine pages on the MSNBC website with interviews with many of the key players in the war. In a Q and A with an NBC reporter:


Brokaw: “You've been living in this part of the world for some time now. What’s the underlying source of all this rage against Western ideals and thing that we cherish?”

Engel: “It’s mostly Islamic. People believe as a baseline assumption that there is an American agenda against Islam, and then it gets more conspiratorial from there. But people generally assume that U.S. policy is linked to an Israeli vision to dominate Islam. That is the base assumption, the basis for a lot of the frustration and anger that you have across the region.”

Are the people in the middle east as stupid as Engel makes them out to be? If there was an American agenda against Islam why would we be messing around liberating 50 million people when we could just wipe out every Islamic city in the world? How can any rational human being fear a few million Jews dominating a few billion muslims. Talk about a force to space problem. Has anyone in Israel ever suggested that Israel wants to dominate Islam. If the Israelis did, they could start by wiping out all the mosques in Isael, the way the Islamic countries have wiped out all the Jewish worship houses. Are Jews allowed to worship in Mecca and Medina? If Engel is correct "a lot of the frustration and anger that you have across the region," is based on a demonstrably false assumption.

I think Engel is probably wrong. Most of the jihadis who are coming to Iraq to explode are religious biggots who have been made into biggots by biggotted Islamic clerics around the world. While Saudia Arabia has started to focus on this problem, there are a lot of biggots already in the pipeline that will probably explode before the war runs its course. The biggots coming from other countries are going to have to be dealt with. Each country has to get a handle on the biggot fractories at local mosques.

Brokaw's piece is about much more than this and is worth the read.


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