PC hampers intelligence gathering again

UPI via Washington Times:

The CIA has suspended the use of extraordinary interrogation techniques pending a review by Justice Department and other administration lawyers.

The Washington Post reported Sunday the "enhanced interrogation techniques" -- including feigned drowning and refusal of pain medication for injuries -- have been used to elicit intelligence from al-Qaida leaders such as Abu Zubaida and Khalid Sheik Mohammed.

The Post said current and former CIA officers believe the suspension reflects the CIA's fears of being accused of unsanctioned and illegal activities, as it was during the 1970s.

The decision applies to CIA detention facilities, where the agency is interrogating al-Qaida leaders and their supporters, but does not include military prisons, such as at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The Dems attacks on intelligence gathering is the Church committee revisited. Democrats are doing great damage to our ability to get information to prevent 9-11 type events. They are doing it primarily to hurt President Bush, and they do not care if they hurt the country in the process.


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