Hannibal had been defeating the Romans in every battle, but he did not have enough forces to take the city of Rome. The Carthagians sent his brother Hasdrubel along the same route Hannibal took from what is now Spain across southern France and then decending the alps into Italy.

To let Hannibal know that the help he had been waiting on would not be joining him they threw Hasdrubel's head into Hannibals camp. An ancient messaging strategy.

Muslim terrorist are attempting to revive the ancient primitive practice, but the severed heads are not a signal about a defeated army but of the death of non combatants who had the misfortune to fall into their clutches. Rather than demoralize us, they remind us of what our fate would be if we do not destroy them. Given that message, all Americans should refocus our efforts on destroying the enemy.

These people have made themselves our enemy because of their religious bigotry and intolerance. That is the root cause of this war. Americans could care less what religion these people choose along as they leave us alone. But, an Islamic death cult has declared war on us, and an early death is their destiny.


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