More details on Saudi al Qaeda bust

Arab News:

A Pakistani worker at the Al-Malaz gas station where Friday’s shootout between terrorists and security forces took place has spoken about the dramatic events that led to the death of Abdul Aziz Al-Muqrin and three of his followers.

Muhammad Azeem,33 , said Al-Muqrin and his companions stopped at the petrol station to buy groceries when security forces surrounded them.

“They started shooting at the security forces,” he said. “They had a machine gun with them. When the shooting started I ran and hid in a corner of the gas station to protect myself from flying bullets.”

Another eyewitness said one of the terrorists was killed behind a police car and another died in the middle of the forecourt. He said police took control of the situation very quickly.

One security officer was also killed and one critically wounded.

Private First Class Ayed Al-Rashidi, a National Guard officer, was shot three times by the terrorists — in the right thigh, his leg and hips.


Al-Muqrin was a member of a hit squad that tried to kill Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa during an African summit in1995 .

Al-Muqrin spent two years in jail in Ethiopia and was extradited to Saudi Arabia in1998 . He then served two years at Al-Ruwais prison in Jeddah.

A pretty light sentence for an assasin. Other reports suggest he got his get out of jail free card by memorizing the Koran. He must have misinterpreted the part about the religion of peace.


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